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An impressive spokesman for a viewpoint the world needs to hear!
— Bill McKibben,
When Xiuhtezcatl takes the stage, people immediately stand in awe at his powerful message, then they inevitably start grooving to his amazing lyrics. This is the kind of young man we need to make changes in our world and he does it in an engaging and genuine manner.
— Ryan Van Duzer, Travel Channel
Hearing Xiuhtezcatl share his experiences as an environmental activist is a testament to the fact that young people are not the so-called future – they are the agents of change of today. Xiuhtezcatl speaks with immense conviction and his insights are an inspiration to all ages.
— UNICEF "Voice of Youth" Team
Xiuhtezcatl is a vital voice for our time. Combining art and creativity with passion, commitment, and clarity, he represents as well as models what it is to be the change our world and planet need. He speaks powerfully from and connects deeply with both the mind and the heart. I am in awe of who Xiuhtezcatl is and all he has already done at such a young age. No matter our age or background, we can all learn from him.
— Julia Butterfly Hill, Environmental Activist